Housing Market Remains Hot

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Beth's Blog | 0 comments

The housing market remains hot as a recent USA Today article indicates. It appears that a third of all homebuyers are buying homes at the top-end of their price-point. Why is this?

In a recent survey conducted by Owners.com, it found that buyers believe that their home purchase will continue to increase in value. Home buyers believe that even in this hot market, purchasing real estate is an excellent investment.

Personally, I have worked with many buyers over the years and almost every buyer has expressed that sentiment to me. Buying a home is a great investment…even in a hot market like this.

Here is one interesting note I read in this article. It claims that millennials are most likely to go over budget because, as first-time home buyers, they often don’t know what is a realistic price point for the home. That actually shocked me because the millennials I have worked with have been great at researching home values. Even though we may need to go over list price to win the offer, I do the research along with them to make sure that it is a true investment. I treat each client like they are one of my own family members…I want you to get the best deal you can get.

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