Eco-friendly Kitchen Tips

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Here are a few eco-friendly kitchen tips to help us be a bit more friendly to the environment!

Swap plastic film for beeswax wrap.

It’s all too easy to reach for the plastic wrap before storing food in the fridge. A quick eco-friendly kitchen tip, because that cling film takes hundreds of years to decompose! Next time you need to cover a bowl, plate, or yesterday’s sandwich, opt for reusable food wrap. Both refrigerator and freezer-safe, most reusable food wraps are made of cotton coated in beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oils and have the same sticky qualities as the stuff you’re used to. Durable and painless to clean with a small amount of soap, these wraps also keep food fresher longer due to natural antibacterial action.

Ditch those disposable sponges.

The disposable sponges you use to clean the kitchen sink and counters get icky pretty fast, which means they get tossed pretty fast. And unfortunately, most sponges contain microplastics that pollute our planet. Reusable sponges made from microfiber and cotton cloth are a biodegradable solution. Dishwasher- and machine-washable, these zero-waste kitchen tools can be used over and over again and recycled or composted at the end of their lifespan.

Choose silicone food containers.

While convenient, single-use plastic bags clog up landfills and release microplastics into the environment. Silicone bags and food storage containers offer an Earth-friendly option. Waterproof, sturdy, and lightweight, these containers are flexible, so they can squeeze into lunchboxes and other tight spaces and seal airtight to prevent leaks. Ideal for carrying snacks, making marinades, and keeping leftovers, you can wash them after each use and start phasing out plastic bags altogether.

Reduce waste with reusable coffee pods.

Single-serve coffee machines are certainly handy, but those one-time-use plastic pods create a lot of waste. Luckily, there’s an eco-conscious alternative: stainless-steel pods. They’re economical, and because you fill them yourself, you aren’t limited to the flavors produced by your machine’s brand. Once you’ve made your coffee, empty the grounds (or better yet, compost them), rinse the pod, and use it for your next cup of joe.

Replace paper towels with cloth.

Families go through tons of paper towels without thinking twice. Even though some paper can be recycled, paper towels can’t because their fibers are too short to be made into new paper, and they include contaminates that interfere with the recycling process. Re-think your paper consumption and restock your home with cloth towels instead of paper ones. A pack of microfiber cloths costs just a few dollars, comes in fun prints and patterns, and will quickly become a kitchen staple. When they get grimy, throw them in the washer!

These are just a few eco-friendly kitchen tips! Keep an eye out for more tips coming up soon!


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