Corporate Profit Sharing is a Hallmark of Keller Williams

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Corporate profit sharing has been a part of American businesses for many years. Keller Williams has been on the cutting edge of this movement and was recently recognized as a leader in the industry.

In an article published in the Huffington Post, author Joseph Blasi describes Keller Williams as a leader in the Real Estate Industry that has developed an outstanding system to provide profit sharing for its members.

When a real estate agent at a Keller Williams franchise, lets call her Katie, does a real estate deal, the agent that recruited and referred Katie receives 50% of the amount eligible for profit sharing on that deal. While this profit sharing income on a colleague’s work will continue into the future, Keller Williams expands the concept into an entire network of profit sharing. The associates that helped develop the office by recruiting other associates get to share in the profits of the team that they created in an ongoing fashion. The original feature is that seven levels of agents who recruited the person who recruited the person who recruited the person….. who recruited Katie, receives a profit share on her deals. Katie, meanwhile can build the company by recruiting agents herself and she will share in the profits of their deals. So Katie can recruit seven levels of agents in whose profits she shares. This system is a rare kind of partnership enterprise where there is a web with multiple levels of profit sharing.

Blasi notes that Keller Williams has given over $703 million in profit sharing over the last 18 years. “More than 16,000 employees have earned more than $10,000 over their employment through this system”. He concludes that this model should be studied more to see if it can be incorporated in other industries.

I am very proud to be a member of Keller Williams and have personally benefited from the profit sharing. When you love what you do and where you are, it’s a simple choice!  If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please call me at 214-769-2947. I would love to share how you can be a part of this unique opportunity.

Beth Brake: Owner/Team Lead

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