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Housing Market Forecast for 2018

According to Zillow, 2017 brought us significant milestones for the housing market. Zillow’s economists released figures showing that U.S. housing value is the highest it’s been in a decade. Homeownership is still a wise investment that produces wealth.

Americans paid a cumulative $485 billion in rent last year, $4.9 billion more than they spent in 2016. And the housing market continues to reclaim the value it lost after the housing collapse. We can expect housing values to keep climbing in the years to come, as housing supply continues to hover at historic lows. The Case-Shiller Home Prices forecast for 2018’s year-over-year quarterly increases are as follows: Q1 +3.1%, Q2 + 3.1%, Q3 + 2.8%, Q4 + 2.8%.

This news is significant! Building wealth and retirement through real estate continues to be a wise investment. If you would like to explore some options that will take advantage of this growth, please call me at 214-769-2947. I would love to help you achieve your financial goals.

Beth Brake, Owner/Team lead

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