Will Covid 19 Affect the Real Estate Market in DFW?

by | May 15, 2020 | Beth's Blog | 0 comments

I saw this report and was very excited! How will Covid 19 affect the real estate market in DFW? Well, Attom Data estimates the major housing markets most at risk from the virus include four in New Jersey and the New York area, three in Connecticut and 10 from Florida. Only one was in California, and none were located in other West Coast states. “Texas has 10 of the 50 least vulnerable counties from among the 483 included in the report….”, Attom Data analysts said. “The 10 counties in Texas include three in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area (Dallas, Collin and Tarrant counties).

This is great news for us in the DFW area! After all the challenges our country has faced due to Covid 19, it’s good to see that there is hope through the news in real estate. Not only do we expect the selling and buying continue, but we might see an influx of new buyers moving into DFW from other states. This might become a real boon for sellers in North Texas.

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Beth Brake: Team Lead-Realtor