Thinking About Moving to a New City? Here’s What You Should Know

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I recently read a good article by Elliott Ward that caught my attention. Moving to a new city is a tough decision and can be fraught with many challenges. Here are a few thoughts from Ward’s article.

Research, Research, Research!

Finding the right home to rent or buy can only be accomplished if you really know what you want. Do you want to rent for a short time until you know where you want to live? Do you want to buy a home so you will immediately begin building equity and wealth through your home? Do you want your children to attend private or public schools and are there good schools around for your kids to attend? These are tough questions but must be determined prior to your move.

Here is a big one…do you know what the cost of living is in the different cities where you are looking? The cost of property taxes, personal taxes and even grocery prices can affect the cost of living. Researching these items is a critical step before making a determination to move.

Final Thoughts

Wanting to move to a new city can be an exciting and invigorating thought! It is important that you do your research before moving, you don’t want to move and then find out the costs were higher than you thought!

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