Location, location, location

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When shopping for a new home, never forget the old adage: location is key. After all, you can paint your walls and refinish those hardwoods, but you can’t up and move your house. In fact, a majority of people looking for a home said that location (proximity to people, places and current neighborhood) was the most important factor in their decision-making.

Some priorities to consider:

Walkability: Neighborhoods that are in walking distance to local amenities such as grocery stores and restaurants are in demand.

Family–friendly neighborhood: Having great schools and parks nearby contributes to a family-friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

Property taxes: Different areas can have very different property tax rates. When choosing an area, be mindful of the annual property taxes you’ll be paying.

Local infrastructure: Having public transportation and access to health/safety services contributes to home value appreciation and may lower your insurance payments.

As an expert in our area, I can quickly help you pinpoint the neighborhoods that fit you and your lifestyle best. When you’re ready to sell, we know buyers who want exactly what your location has to offer.

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