Jena Masterson : Compliance Expert

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What’s that Michael Jordan quote? “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win
championships.” – Michael Jordan. GoalLine Real Estate is a team blessed with talent, intelligence, respect…and JENA MASTERSON, their compliance expert!

Jena Masterson started in real estate in 2003, and she loves the real estate business “because it is
always changing!” Keeping up with new legislative rules, advancing technologies, finding better tools
and products to make buying and selling a home easier and less stressful…this is what Jena loves!

This is what gives Jena a sense of both pride and purpose. She views the process as an opportunity to
help clients navigate the intricacies of the contracts, options and amendments…and to be sure GoalLine
Real Estate’s clients have the smoothest transaction possible. She is a compliance expert and actually
enjoys keeping up to date with the latest legal updates regarding real estate contracts or agreements
between the home buyer, seller, the lender, the state and the real estate company. What worked best
in the past is not what works best today, but her 18 years of experience in the industry make navigating
the myriad of paperwork and legalese easier for all.

If you are selling your house, she’ll craft a marketing strategy and a pricing strategy to fit your
needs……managing everything from easy, quick offers to a dynamite full MLS presentation. Your house
with the help of Jena, compliance expert and GoalLine Real Estate can be on the market, and even under contract, in a matter of just days! Conversely, if you are looking to buy a home in the DFW Market, she follows leads
on off-market properties and can get your well-crafted bid in quickly and efficiently to win your dream
home in this tough market!

Jena has lived in north DFW/Flower Mound for over 37 years, so her local expertise is genuine.
GoalLine Real Estate Team is a true team by every definition of the word, and Jena is the “glue” that
keeps everything running smoothly. In addition to Jena, the team includes Mindy Short Buyer Specialist,
and Beth Brake who is the Team Lead and Listing Specialist. They frequently think of it like this: Jena
makes the perfect hand-off so that Beth and Mindy can make the touchdowns! Together, as a team,
they were able to execute 72 stress-free real estate transactions in 2020.


Jena Masterson REALTOR®

Positively impacting your life as you move toward your dreams.