The Importance of a Final Walk-Through

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A successful real estate transaction is based upon taking the appropriate steps to make sure that the property you are buying is a good value and structurally sound. You will want to schedule a final walk-through of the home to confirm the condition of the home is the same (or better) as it was on the day that the offer to purchase was signed. The final walk-through should always be scheduled after the seller has moved out and prior to closing on the home.

Ask yourself the following questions during your walk-through:

Have all your requested repairs been completed?

If you have negotiated with the sellers to make certain repairs to the home before closing, this is your opportunity to check that those have been finished. This is not the time to be shy. If something has not been completed to your satisfaction, bring this to your agent’s attention immediately so it can be resolved before you sign the closing documents.

Have any areas of the home been damaged when the seller moved?

During the seller’s move, areas of the home may have been unintentionally damaged. Inspect the walls and doorframes that may have been marred by large furniture being moved. Also, be sure to look for scratches or tears in the flooring. While you don’t want to nitpick, you do want to be certain that there are no major problems that need to be fixed.

Are appliances in working condition?

It is likely that your contract includes terms that all major systems in the home must be in working condition at the time of closing. When you are taking your final walk-through, test appliances as well as heating and cooling systems. Although these items should have been checked during the home inspection, double-checking they are sound is the best plan.

Are all the items you negotiated for there?

Take an inventory of items that you agreed would be left in the home such as window treatments, light fixtures and appliances. If anything is missing, has been swapped or no longer in the same condition, resolve this before closing. Also, make sure that the seller has not left anything behind that they should not have.

If the condition of the home has changed since your offer was accepted, bring the problems to the attention of your agent as quickly as possible. The final walk-through is your last opportunity to inspect your biggest investment and that it is in the condition you agreed to, so be sure to schedule one before closing.

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