Strange Questions for a Realtor

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Beth's Blog | 0 comments

On a lighter side today…I was reading an article from the magazine Realtor about some of the strangest questions asked of realtors. These made me smile and I hope they do you as well.

  1. “How much are the payments with the late fee?”
  2. Concerned about their bargaining position, one client asked ” If we make an offer, won’t the sellers know we are interested?” Yikes.
  3. When writing a contract for a beautiful property with a small lake on it the buyers asked if the water fowl could be included in the “other options to remain with the property at no additional cost.”
  4. Personally I was asked by one of my sellers, “How many showing should I allow a day?”
    While I’m sure all these questions were very important to the questioner, they do provide us with a bit of humor for the day. They likely did not come out exactly as the speaker intended but I believe this is a good lesson as well. Do not be afraid to ask any questions. I am convinced these people were very sincere about their questions and while it may have provided us with a giggle today, the answers would certainly have helped the clients as they evaluated their situations.

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Have a great day!

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