Spring Lawn Care Tips

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Warmer weather has arrived! It’s time to dust off that lawn mower, roll up your sleeves and prepare to have the lawn that will be the envy of golf courses everywhere. Since you want the grass to always be greener on your side of the fence, follow these simple tips to keep your lawn looking great all season!

Mow lawns high and frequently – It may be tempting to mow your lawn short so you have to mow it less frequently, but this can actually damage your grass and allow weeds to set root. To keep your lawn in the best health, try to never cut off more than one third of the grass blade.

Keep your lawn mower blade sharp – If the blade on your lawn mower is too dull, it will tear the grass, resulting in a lawn that looks brown. Sharpen or replace your lawn mower blades once each mowing season.

Stop weeds early – By using a pre-emergent herbicide, you can stop weeds before they even germinate. The herbicide will eliminate crabgrass and other weeds by preventing their seeds from sprouting on your lawn. For best results, apply early in the spring.

Water your lawn in the morning – The best time of day to water your lawn is in the morning. This will allow time for the sun to help dry the grass. If you water your lawn at night, this could result in prolonged moisture, making your lawn susceptible to diseases.

Water for prolonged periods – It is better to water your lawn less frequently but for prolonged periods. It is necessary to soak the lawn so that the soil moisture goes down several inches. To determine if you are watering long enough, try setting a soup can next to your sprinkler. Once there is a half-inch of water in the can, it is time to turn off the sprinkler.

Fertilize your lawn – Nitrogen is the most important fertilizer component. When shopping for fertilizers, look for a mixture of fast and slow releases that will boost the color in your lawn quickly, but also feed it over time. In the northern areas of the country, it is best to fertilize in the fall and spring. In southern areas, it is best to fertilize in the spring and summer.

I hope this helps you care for your lawn this spring. If you need any other real estate-related help, please call me at 214-769-2947. Enjoy the Warm Weather!

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