New Homeward Program: Buy Before You Sell

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Keller Williams’ newly introduced Homeward Program gives you peace of mind that your dream home won’t pass you by. You won’t miss out on that dream home because of a contingency any longer! Check out this new way to buy before you sell, on your own timeline, and be able to purchase your home with an attractive cash offer! With the assistance of your trusted real estate partner, Beth Brake, you can easily make the offer on that house you’ve had your eye on without being contingent on the sale your current house. Using this new way to move towards your dreams, Beth Brake can escort you effortlessly through the steps.

Here is the Homeward Program’s simple six step process to get you into your dream home:

  1. Get Approved
  2. Make a Homeward Program Offer on Your New Home
  3. Your Homeward Program Offer is Accepted for Your New Home
  4. Move In
  5. Sell Your Existing House
  6. Finalize the Buy for Your New Home

The Keller Williams Homeward Program is affordable and convenient with only 1.4 – 1.9 % convenience fee of your purchased home’s value. You will have a worry-free transition! Beth, your trusted real estate partner works hard to secure you the Homeward Offer and then markets your house to obtain full market value.  You are guaranteed a floor price if for some reason your home doesn’t sell within 6 months. It’s an innovative and turn-key method of financing to move into your dream home without having to sell your current house first!

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Call me with any questions on how you can “Buy Before You Sell” and buy your dream home before you sell your current house! I have a webinar coming up on July 9th at 4:00 pm on the Homeward Program!

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