Is your A/C on the fritz? It’s too hot for that!

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It’s the midst of a hot summer here in North Texas, is your A/C on the fritz? It’s just too hot for that right now!

Do you need a repair on your air-conditioning units? Or (aghast) a new unit? These things happen at the worst time, so here are some tips on maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacement bills.

Be sure to always do your “Spring maintenance” on your units here in Texas. It’s just too hot to forget when it comes summertime. No worries, if you forgot, it’s not too late, you can still get your “summer maintenance” completed and right now you will certainly get a good idea if things are working or not with temps being in the 90’s and above!

Your units work hard in this heat and this could be a time to really take a look at how they are performing. It may be a great time to see if they are really “pulling their weight” as they say. You don’t want your units going out in the middle of the summer, the costs are higher for parts, supplies and new units! The best time to price out a new air-conditioning unit is in the Fall or early Spring. And vice-versa in those same time frames for a new furnace, the “heating” portion of your HVAC system. HVAC which is the acronym for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, are all part of a system that is a very important part of keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient. The air-conditioning would be what you are thinking about right now, considering the temperatures outside, but the other components are also very important. The vents are how the cool or hot air gets to you sitting on the couch, and these should not be overlooked in the overall maintenance. If you notice a smell when you turn on the air conditioning or that a vent is not blowing out air, it’s time to check the vents and/or have the vents cleaned by a professional.

You may have been hearing this for a while and it’s now true, the older units that use the R-22, the “old refrigerant” or “freon” as it’s called, to cool your house in the summer, these units are now becoming obsolete. It would be very wise to look into reputable HVAC companies to provide you with estimates on new units that use the “new refrigerant” called R-410. All new units that are on the market will use this type of refrigerant. If you don’t need them right now, I encourage you to look to purchase one in the Fall as the prices will only go up for the “old refrigerant” and the demand and price for the newer R-410 units will go up as well. If you have a home warranty, talk to your rep and see what they recommend. Some are working to merge the “old” with the new! Is your new A/C on the fritz? This could be one of the reasons why and updating your system could save you money in the future as well as on energy costs.

The heating portion of your unit is also quite important, especially with the past winter we had here in North Texas! That was definitely unusual and you should make sure your units are ready for this winter, any kind of winter we may have! You should also do your “Fall maintenance” in the Fall. I will be sure to send this blog out again then, as well as my Fall checklist for home maintenance.

Is your A/C on the fritz? If so, call one of these vendors and they will help you right away!

AJK Heating and Air-Conditioning – 817-550-5066

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