DFW Contractors Experiencing Project Delays Due to Winter Storms

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Winter storms have disrupted life for most North Texans, and with that there are DFW contractors experiencing project delays due to the winter storms this past week.

“The road conditions were the first factor in keeping timelines on projects. Many of our subcontractors and other vendors will not put trucks on the road during icy conditions. This became a moot point when the power outages hit; not only to homes, but buildings and businesses.

Just walking and driving around Dallas and surrounding areas, most construction cranes have remained eerily still this week. Even projects that already have their facade on appear desolate.

“Between the power outages and the weather, this week would be a challenge to continue working,” said Meloni Raney, president and CEO of TEXO, which represents more than 300 North Texas contractors. “I’m sure next week when life gets back to a little normalcy, we will start to see the impact of not directly working on projects for a week.”

While contractors are optimistic that most projects will resume this weekend or next week when temperatures gets warmer, other problems have surfaced due to the inclement weather.

“Unfortunately this will not be a day-for-day delay, as many properties will be dealing with major repairs due to freeze damage simply to return to status quo,” said Brad Reid, president of Addison-based Scott + Reid General Contractors. “We are working with our partner clients to help mitigate as much damage as possible. Unfortunately with the rolling blackouts, it is extremely difficult to keep properties above freezing.”

Bad weather is nothing new to contractors, and such delays are often accounted for in project schedules and contracts. Even though that’s the case, there are DFW contractors experiencing project delays due to winter storms.

“Our projects generally have a certain amount of weather days incorporated into our scheduling practices that will no doubt be absorbed to accommodate for the days lost to this incredible storm,” said Jeff Parsons, DFW business unit leader for DPR Construction.

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